AT&T drops suit against Verizon over ad


After failing to have Verizon’s ads criticizing its network coverage (the dramatically different coverage maps) pulled off of the air, AT&T has decided to drop its suit. While Verizon’s commercials highlighted the strength of its 3G data network, AT&T said customers could be mislead to think the spot was referring to all voice and data connections.

Both Verizon and AT&T filed an official dismissal of the case in an Atlanta federal court Wednesday. In addition, a separate suit filed by Verizon against AT&T was also dismissed.

In November, AT&T had asked the court to pull what it felt were “misleading” ads from Verizon, criticizing AT&T’s nationwide 3G coverage. But a judge later denied that request, noting that though Verizon’s ads could be construed as sneaky, they were not misleading. Both parties were originally set to meet in court on 12/16 for a second chance to present their case on the proposed injunction.

AppleInsider noted the ads parodied Apple’s “There’s an app for that” iPhone commercials, Verizon mocked AT&T with the slogan “There’s a map for that.”

AT&T responded with a series of ads featuring actor Luke Wilson. Rather than focusing on 3G coverage, AT&T showed that its wireless network reaches 97% of all Americans.