AT&T U-Verse customers choose camera angle for Cubs game


iPTV provider AT&T U-Verse, WGN America, and WGN-TV are giving Chicago Cubs fans across the country a chance to control how they watch the game at Wrigley Field. The nationwide launch of the “Chicago Cubs Multiview” interactive TV app lets U-verse customers view up to four different camera angles of the Cubs home games at one time — choosing from the main WGN America game broadcast and six alternate camera angles. This is the first time AT&T has made multi-camera angle functionality available to U-verse TV customers nationwide.

AT&T introduced the Multiview app in 2009 and launched the My Multiview app in June 2010, which lets customers choose and watch up to four of their favorite channels at once on their TV screen. Customers are also offered Sports Multiview, Kids Multiview and News Multiview at no extra cost as part of every package.

With Chicago Cubs Multiview, viewers specifically choose which of the seven channels will be the main picture and select and record any Chicago Cubs channel from within the app. The alternate camera angles for home games are set up above home plate, third base, first base and center field. 

The app is available for  Chicago Cubs home games that air on WGN-TV and WGN America for the rest of this season, starting with the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs game on 5/10.