AT&T Now Offering 4K UHD Video Content To Businesses


Here’s the first provider in the U.S. to offer 4K UHD video content to businesses.

Who is it?


The company is now offering the content to businesses via DirecTV.

With 4K UHD, viewers enjoy close to four-times the resolution of HDTV. This results in sharper detail, smoother lines and a richer color palette.

Doug Eichler, VP of Commercial Sales at AT&T Entertainment Group, said, “Many of our bar and restaurant customers cater to sports fans. Now, with 4K UHD, they can ‘up their game.’ This is also an incredible opportunity for local businesses – waiting rooms, gyms and salons – to differentiate themselves through enhanced entertainment.  Watching 4K UHD video makes waiting, working out and watching sports more enjoyable.”

DirecTV was the first multichannel video provider to deliver 4K UHD Video programming, starting in November 2014.

AT&T also the first to launch a full-time 4K channel.

This year, DirecTV 4K UHD (live/linear) content included:

  • Sports events: The Masters at Augusta National, MLB games, NCAA Football, UFC fights, PGA tournaments and the Rio Olympics. And just recently, we broadcasted the first NBA live game in 4K UHD.
  • Concerts: Top artists and award shows – such as the Country Music Awards and Garth Brooks – have also made their way to the 4K UHD screen.