Attention, Marketers: Q4 ‘Watch’ Metrics Released


TVision has built its business model on providing marketers and advertisers with a new audience metric: who is “actually watching your ads and shows on TV.”

While “ratings” based on which TV shows hold the most viewer interest may not immediately replace Nielsen data, the latest data from the Boston-based insights firm may be worth noting as “co-viewing” continues to gain traction in U.S. homes.

TVision’s Q4 2017 Eyes-on-Screen TV Attention Report, released this week, offers some interesting insight.

Spots from Chick-fil-A Catering (237.3), Robitussin (220.1) and the movie Justice League (207.6) captured the highest Creative Attention Scores (CAS) of all commercials during the quarter, meaning they best broke through within their pods, TVision explains.

The top prime-time broadcast TV show, ranked by attention index, is The Wall on NBC. That’s followed by The Mick on FOX, and 9JKL on CBS.

Meanwhile, the top prime-time cable TV show, ranked by attention index, is a little-known BBC America series, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Thus, attention is not the same as total consumption, resulting in the classic radio industry scenario of a small but fiercely loyal audience that’s difficult to build — and therefore achieve stronger ROI.

Nevertheless, TVision Insights Chief Strategy Officer Mark Green believes that a close examination of the data can aid marketers and broadcast TV sales executives in identifying which shows, ads and brands broke through and captured viewer attention.

“Because we track second-by-second, person-level attention we can pinpoint all the elements that contribute to an ad or program’s success,” he said. “Those elements include the overall strength and contextual relevance of programming, co-viewing habits, demographic data, ad placement within its pod, and the impact of specific creative elements.”