Auction Is a Go


GavelIt appears the broadcast incentive auction will start on time.

The FCC said so late last week acknowledging an appeals court ruling in favor of Latina Broadcasters taking part.

Then late Friday, the same appeals court denied another broadcaster appeal for a stay of the auction; This one concerned Videohouse, which appealed a lower court ruling preventing the owner from taking part in the auction. The court said in its short decision that Videohouse “has not satisfied the stringent requirements” to stay the auction pending court review.

The FCC had said Latina and Videohouse, Class-A eligible low-power stations, couldn’t take part in the auction because they hadn’t filed for a CP to upgrade to Class A status by the Feb. 22, 2012 cut-off date. They challenged the decision, saying the commission had made an exception for another owner.

The FCC told the court on Friday reversing its decision on Videohouse “will cause substantial delay and resulting harm to the public.”