Auction Slated for Former Anderson Stations


GavelThe last stations owned by the estate of Howard Anderson will be sold at auction.

Spectrum Media is handling the auction. These 7 stations were part of Anderson’s “Highway Radio” to cover the desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Long-time station owner Anderson passed away last year. The purpose of the sale is to settle his estate.

The 7 stations to be sold are all California-licensed FMs: Class B KHWY, Essex, Class B KHYZ, Mountain Pass, Class A KHDR, Lenwood, Class B1 KHRQ Baker, Class B KIXF Baker, Class A KIXW Lenwood and Class B KRXV, Yermo. There is also a booster for KHYZ(FM) in Las Vegas (same channel).

The family intends to divest all of the stations to the highest bidders. Spectrum Media will begin the proceeding on Sept. 21 and asks that offers be submitted no later than Oct. 23.

The stations assets will be sold “as is” with the buyer(s) provided with a customary due diligence period.

Prospective contacts may register and receive a non-disclosure agreement by contacting Scott Knoblauch at [email protected] and (864) 233-9530.