Audi, Dr Pepper, Oracle, Dick's score $3 million in Iron Man 2 product placement


According to Front Row Analytics, these four advertisers whipped up over $3 million of combined broadcast exposure in the blockbuster hit Iron Man 2.  This media value is the projection of the overall media value throughout the theater run. This does not include DVD, on-line or over-the-air values. 

Audi, Oracle, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Dr Pepper were all able to showcase their products with a combined total of 53 seconds of on-screen exposure. According to Front Row’s estimation, the value of total exposure is $3,013,307. This value is derived by using a metric developed by the overall theater views, exposure time and the value attributed to each viewer.

“Companies like Audi, Dr Pepper, Oracle, and Dick’s Sporting Goods are making their mark by taking part in such a great and influential form of product placement. Each company is able to showcase their product to a mass audience which proves they are cutting edge, and a brand that is a force to be reckoned with in their respective markets” said Eric Smallwood, Vice President of Project Management for Front Row Analytics.

The opening of “Iron Man 2” received a world wide box office estimation of $133,600,000.

The product placement efforts of Audi were displayed as Tony Stark raced up and down the highway in his R8 Spyder, meanwhile a can of Dr Pepper was shown on a table in his house and on a building banner. Dick’s Sporting Goods was branded on a water bottle which was held by Tony Stark during a sparring session, and Oracle received exposure through building signage.