Audio Engine Updates Now Seen In Omnia.9


New Omnia.9 units are now shipping “with a major update to the audio engine.”

As The Telos Alliance sees it, this makes the device “sound better than ever.”

The update is available as a software download (v3.18.99) for existing Omnia.9 users, at no charge.

Geoff Steadman of Omnia gushed over the Omnia.9’s release, calling it “the biggest sonic leap forward” since the releae of Omnia.9.

New features include a “major” system rewrite to the audio engine, with a new, lower-latency clipper for both FM and AM.

There’s also a fully rewritten streaming engine that now supports Shoutcast 2, FLAC and lossless streaming.

Other enhancements include an integrated internal stream server; phase correction with mono bass to reduce multi-path distortion; “seamless” preset switching; and optional µMPX Encoding.