Audio-Only Inventory Now Available Via Digital OOH Ad Exchange


In recent months, location-based Audio Out-of-Home advertising and experience company Vibenomics has gained the attention of radio industry professionals for its promise of reaching shoppers through “unique auditory experiences” at retailers that squarely don’t include an over-the-air radio station.

Now, advertisers have the ability to purchase audio-only inventory on Vibenomics’ OOH exchange, thanks to a partnership with a digital OOH software provider.

It’s thanks to a freshly inked pact between Vibenomics and Vistar Media.

The partnership combines licensed, background-music playlists; paid commercial spots; and brand messaging on an OOH exchange.

“Now, advertisers can further impact immediate purchase decisions by reaching shoppers directly through a unique auditory experience at points-of-sale inside thousands of retail locations,” Vibenomics, led by co-founder and CEO Brent Oakley, says. “In turn, participating brick-and-mortar retail businesses can increase sales, participate in a revenue share program, and enhance the customer experience.”

Through a single integration with Vistar’s API, Vibenomics has access to Vistar’s supply-side platform (SSP), as well as Vistar’s ad server, to handle delivery and scheduling of their own ad placements and content.

“Vistar chose to partner with Vibenomics and to embrace audio out-of-home because it provides our marketers with the ability to reach a consumer near the point-of-purchase in a retail environment,” said Michael Provenzano, CEO and co-founder of Vistar Media. “Our customers are already doing that with screens in retail locations, and audio-out-of-home is a perfect extension of those strategies. Our partnership with Vibenomics creates not only a new category of DOOH, but also indicates a bright future of advertising overall.”