AudioTools Server Gets Dolby’s Stamp of Approval


An endorsement from Dolby has the parent company of a brand known for its loudness correction, audio conversion and upmixing tools crowing.

This product supports integrations, file formats and Dolby processing options previously available in an older product. But, it now adds “an abundance of other benefits and unique features.”

Getting Dolby’s seal of approval is Minnetonka’s AudioTools Server, a product of The Telos Alliance. It follows the VM600 Program Optimizer in the line of products from Minnetonka.

John Schur, President of the Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group, said, “The ability to add additional processing tasks to the automated workflow process affords customers the opportunity to free up operators and creative staff for tasks which benefit from individual attention, which in turn has a positive effect on the bottom line.”

Additional AudioTools Server capabilities include load balancing, flexible licensing options, access to QuickTime ProRes containers, support for 32-bit PCM audio, more flexible scalability, conditional processing of complex files, time compression and expansion after standards conversion, auto-mix and auto-duck, automated top and tails silence detection, trimming, and logo file stitching.

It also offers a host of additional QC features such as channel detection automation, phase correction, program correlation, and watermark detection.