AURN covers "Race in America"


American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) was the only national network to provide full coverage of “Race in America,” a national conference on race in the U.S., that was held from June 3-6 at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA.  Organizers said their goal was to “bring about greater racial equality for all Americans.”
AURN’s Brian Cook conducted a one on one interview with renowned civil rights leader Julian Bond, who delivered the keynote address on the first night of the conference.  When asked 100 years from now, what would he want the history books to say about him, Bond told Brian, “Say he was a race man. He had a sense of humor. Liked to laugh. But, above all, he was a race man.”
Immediately after the exclusive interview, Bond opened the conference with his address to the hundreds of people there. The former longtime chairman of the NAACP received thunderous applause several times, including when he said this about America, “Jim Crow may be dead. But, racism is alive and well.”

Julian Bond