AURN launching "Digital Lifestyle"


The daily short-form feature, replacing and upgrading their “Surfing the Net” program, teaches listeners how to better themselves by leveraging technology to enhance both their personal and professional lives. Launched 2/8, host and lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong is aiming show at non-tech audiences. He
also regularly appears regularly on TV with his weekly segments on CNN and monthly reports on the Today Show.

“Digital Lifestyle” with Mario Armstrong is provided via satellite and via the web to AURN’s 300+ affiliates.

AURN President of Program Operations & Affiliations Jerry Lopes tells RBR-TVBR that the show is part of a strip of programs AURN offers on a daily basis in both a two-and-a-half and minute forms. It’s aimed at Urban Adult stations, but, “Mario is a bit of a hip, digital lifestyle guy, which can cross over to some of the young-end Urban stations. We think with him, we have a product that can cross over to both. We think Hip-Hop stations will be better suited to the younger, Hip-Hop stations and the two-and-a-half and minute will find itself on the adult side.”

He adds that “Surfing the Net” had some 40-50 affiliates, and he thinks with Mario they will be able to improve on that number. “We’re off and running with it, and I feel very good about the show, Mario and what we’re going to be able to do with it.”

Lopes also mentioned AURN’s new economics show, “Money Matters,” with Alfred Edmond Jr., an SVP and Editor-at-Large with Black Enterprise Magazine. He advises folks how to hold onto their money and generate more money. It’s similarly formatted in two-and-a-half and minute versions. Edmond already appears regularly on PBS’s “Nightly Business Report,” as a contributor to American Express’ “Open Forum,” CNN, and as an expert on MSNBC’s “Your Business.”