Austin combo getting a sporty new owner


$2.5M KWNX-AM & KTXX-FM Austin TX (Taylor, Bee Cave TX) from BMP Austin License Company LP, a subsidiary of Border Media Business Trust (W. Lawrence Patrick) to Total Austin Sports Radio LLC (Michael R. McCain, mgr), a partnership of FOB Austin I LLC 88.89% (Barnett Family LP, Stephen W. Van Amburgh et al) and PMC Austin I LLC 11.11% (Public Media Company, Marc O. Hand et al). $250K escrow, balance in cash at closing. LMA7/15/12. [FCC file date7/16/12]

$16.5K KTUT-FM CP Frankfort SD from Union Valley Baptist Church Inc. (Steve Vandergrift) to Church Planters of America (William Danny Hawkins et al). Cash. CP is for Class C1 on 89.5 MHz with 100 kW @ 479’. [FCC file date7/16/12]