Auto soared as TV revenues gained in Q2



The Television Bureau of Advertising’s (TVB) quarterly report on TV ad revenues is full of good news for Q2. Spot revenues shot up 28.1%, spurred by an 82.5% jump in auto advertising from the depressed levels of 2009.

TVB noted that spot revenues at local stations was by far the most robust sector in the quarterly data compiled by Kantar Media, but total TV revenues gained 9.5%. Network TV was up a more modest 4.7%, while syndicated TV was the only sector to decline, down 10.1.

Advertising Revenue Comparison in Television
2010 vs. 2009
  2nd Qtr 2010 2nd Qtr 2009 % Change
Spot TV* 3,413,867.2 2,664,112.9 28.1
Syndication 976,310.7 1,086,451.9 -10.1
Network TV 6,132,283.8 5,856,118.1 4.7
Total Broadcast TV 10,522,461.7 9,606,682.9 9.5
  1st Half 2010 1st Half 2009 % Change
Spot TV* 6,889,326.9 5,539,545.2 24.4
Syndication 1,930,557.9 2,185,976.3 -11.7
Network TV 13,367,735.3 12,376,892.5 8.0
Total Broadcast TV 22,187,620.1 20,102,414.0 10.4

Automotive was the top ad category for TV in Q2, up 82.5% from a year earlier to $556.3 million. Political ranked 12th, but was up 524.5% to $99 million.

The quarter’s biggest advertiser was Chrysler Group at $90.1 million. 12 other automakers or dealer associations were also in the top 25.

Click here for detailed lists from TVB.

RBR-TVBR observation: It’s not just political driving the 2010 ad rebound. Nor is automotive the sole factor in the recovery, although it is definitely the biggest factor. The number of “up” categories this year is deep and most are up by double-digit percentages, with a few up triple-digits. Out of the entire list of the top 25 TV ad categories, only one, movie advertising, was down in Q2 from a year ago.