Aviation company looking to score arena advertising business


Anybody who has had the good fortune to attend a major sporting event has had a chance to see one of the jumbo-sized blimps that park in the air above a stadium, sometimes providing a unique camera angle on the festivities and always providing a plug for a sponsoring company. A company is angling for this type of business with a multi-option aerial advertising arsenal.

The company is AirSign Inc., and it’s ready and able to put a message over a stadium any number of different ways.

It can provide banner ads, billboard ads, logo boards, helicopter ads, skywriting, and airship/blimp ads.

“Football season is an ideal time to take advantage of aerial advertising,” says Wash. “It is the last big outdoor spectator sport before winter forces people indoors. Fans will be there. The only question is, will the name of your company also be there for them to see and remember during the holiday shopping season?”

RBR-TVBR observation: Sporting events are just nuts – every conceivable type of advertising seems to be involved. Radio and TV are there, of course, newspapers sell ads tied to their coverage, stadium signage is big, just being a concession item is worthwhile. Hey, why not fill the skies as well?

Of course, it amounts to yet another advertising venue trying to get a fork into the pie.

But these kinds of services can be used by other media. We distinctly remember a special message we saw when we were dragged by our wife to a Pittsburgh Steelers playoff game. It was pulled by an airplane, it was sponsored by WDVE, and it contained a special message for Cleveland. It paid off for WDVE, because the thousand of black-and-gold clad citizens assembled there greatly enjoyed that message.