Avoiding a shattering experience


One of the problems with television sets ever since Atari entered our living rooms back in the 1970s is their hijacking by gamers, preventing the viewing of wholesome and intellectually stimulating commercial messages, particularly among the difficult to reach younger demos. A new, even more permanent assault on commercial viewing has recently been introduced: Wii. The problem: Not only are commercial messages missed during play, they are often missed for an extended period AFTER play, because a Wii remote has been hurled through the television screen. Panasonic has a new plasma offering on the way designed to sustain a Wiimote attack. It uses a special transparent coating to "absorb a four Joule kinetic energy impact," according to play.tm. There is as yet no word on pricing nor when the units will be available.

TVBR/RBR observation: Tsk tsk tsk — the environmental considerations you have to take into account these days…