Awaken Broadcasters on PRA


Millions already sit in the Sound Exchange bank and if they can’t find the artists they keep the money which then goes to three offshore record companies that are making US Law which should be a NO NO.  Performers can join the American Federation of Musicians.  When I had a record company, we paid the musicians well and also to their pension fund.  Do broadcasters get as much? NO! How about other workers who see musicians getting paid after they collected for sales, etc.?  And do DEAD musicians need the money? Ask Sound Exchange for their last IRS FORM 990 which they must send you free.  Also for some time they could not find the MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR.
The 14th amendment says “What you do for one you must do for all.” Does that matter?  What about workers who will not be able to pay their land taxes after retirement even if they own their home.  There are 77 million en route to retirement.  That’s why I wrote the book: WILL WE EVER LEARN? on Amazon with 5 stars.
And for the economy?  When the 45,000 dismantled factories shipped offshore are rebuilt you will have an economy again.  Sadly the Politicians classed them as “Exports.”  A stimulus package will benefit China and offshore companies who make all the consumer goods.

Bluntly, a country that does not manufacture what it consumes is called “A Colony.”  Remember Abraham Lincoln said:  “If we buy the railroad rails from England then we have the rails and they the money.  If we make the rails in the USA then we have the rails and keep the money.”

Sound Exchange published a 100 page list of “Artists they could not find to pay.”  Oh really, then who gets the money?  Answer: after 3 years the money goes to Sound Exchange and the labels, as I am told.  The management at Sound Exchange is paid in excess of – get this – $300,000.00 a year which comes off your back.
I have lawyers lined up who will sue and shut this nonsense down and my research has been given for FREE to you.  One attorney who knows these laws is Johnathan Emord who said he could stop it for about 60K which would go for suits and fees.
The NAB wants to negotiate.  That reminds me of when I was a kid in the 1950’s and Walter Cronkite doing news would say, “Peace talks in the Middle East broke down today, but all parties are urged to go back to the table to negotiate.”  That was 1958. 

I used to own a recording studio and record company.  Musicians got paid AFM scale, we paid into their pension fund, they got 6% of sales and then more money for re-issues and collections.  Retired, they get Social Security, AFM Pension and royalties of re-issues.  Most of the OLDIES and EASY LISTENING musicians are DEAD and don’t need any more money.  This is PEARL HARBOR for broadcasters!
— Chuck Harder:  You may remember him from WWBA-FM, WFLA, WPLP, WDAE and WLCY/WNSI. Chuck founded the first 24/7 full service network with news, sports, national weather in Tampa: Sun Radio. He’s also the founder of an organization for disabled, shut-ins and seniors: WWW.NEWABILITIESTV.COM