AWRT attracts a quorum


Who needs an FCC open meeting when you have the American Women in Radio & Television Leadership Summit & Business Conference? At a time when many federal agencies cannot field enough commissioners to even hold a vote, AWRT will have four out of five on hand on 3/14/08, the pivot date of the three-day session.
The conference, which runs March 13-15 at the Hilton Washington Embassy Row, will feature Michael Copps (D), Jonathan Adelstein (D), Deborah Taylor Tate (R) and Robert McDowell (R); or, in other words, all of the commissioners except Chairman Kevin Martin (R). Their session, called "A Follow-up Conversation with the FCC," will be hosted by yet another FCC Commissions, although of the ex-variety. Henry Rivera, now with law firm Wiley & Rein, will do the honors at the 10:30 AM session.