AZ radio vet running for office


Almost 40 years after becoming one of the youngest radio station licensees in the history of the FCC, Rick Murphy is campaigning to take his act on the road – all the way to the US House of Representatives in Washington DC.

Murphy is running as a conservative Republican in the newly-created 4th Congressional District of Arizona.

Murphy stated, “I’m a businessman and I am applying for a job to represent the citizens of District 4. I have deep roots here and I would be honored to work for the people of my district and Arizona.”

Here’s Murphy’s bio as publisbed in his candidacy announcement: “The Arizona resident started his first radio station nearly 40 years ago in Parker when he was barely old enough to vote and, in the process, became one of the youngest Americans to be granted a commercial broadcast license. Since that time he has gone on to own dozens of radio stations and to create scores of other businesses; from restaurants and health clubs to an international software company. Murphy is also an inventor. He holds patents, one of which will change the way children around the world learn on their computers.”

He said he is concerned about balancing the budget and ending Obamacare, and noted that he was taking action for the benefit of his children and grandchildren.