WHAT A Deal: A New ‘Hermano’ In City Of Brotherly Love


A Class B AM with 50,000 watts during daylight hours but just 250 watts at night from three towers in the Roxborough area of Philadelphia has just traded hands.

The buyer is a Delaware Valley broadcaster that’s adding a second AM with this just-announced deal, which sees Kalil & Co. as the exclusive broker.

According to an announcement distributed early Tuesday (4/17) by Kalil & Co., a contract has been signed and an application will be filed with the FCC requesting consent to the assignment of license of WNWR-AM 1540 in Philadelphia from Global Radio LLC to Aztec Capital Partners.

The seller is a Falls Church, Virginia-based entity headed by Trustees Alan Pendleton and Dick Aronoff.

Global is part of the New World Radio group of commonly-owned stations, which also include WCRW-AM 1190 in Leesburg, Va., and WUST-AM 1120 in Washington, D.C.

For Aztec, the acquisition gives the corporation owned by Ken Trujillo and managed by Art Camiolo a second facility to go alongside Class C WHAT-AM 1340 and W260CZ at 99.9 MHz in Philadelphia, branded as “El Zol.”

WNWR has seen operational difficulties in recent years. As noted in RadioDiscussions.com, the station in April 2016 was operating with “dead air.” Questions regarding its power output were also raised; the station has been operating with China Radio International programming.