Azteca America to premiere


Azteca America will launch on October 11 at 8 pm / 7 pm CST its latest entry into the talk show segment, Cosas de la Vida, hosted by Rocio Sanchez Azuara, one of most-recognized personalities of the genre.

Featuring heart-felt, real-life stories, Rocio Sanchez Azuara puts people first on her talk show as she works with a team of professionals and the audience to resolve the personal and family issues that guests are confronted with.

Sanchez Azuara is a veteran host of both news and entertainment programming. She began her career at a local Televisa station, before moving to network news at Televisa and then other Mexican television outlets. She first joined TV Azteca in 1992, where she participated in news programming, and finally started her own talk show, Cosas de la Vida.

Following a short stay at Telemundo, where she was the center of the network’s daytime programming strategy, she returns to Azteca America with a fresh, updated version of the show that started it all.

She has promised to laugh, cry and share anger with guests and audiences in her new show. However, she says she draws the line when it comes to insulting or aggressive language.

“Rocio brings an immediate identification with an established audience thanks to her distinguished career as a talk show host and news reporter. She has a unique ability to identify with audiences and express deep emotions while maintaining a level of respect,” said Executive Vice President of Programming, Production, and Marketing for Azteca America Alberto Santini Lara.

Grand Premiere, Cosas de la Vida, October 11 at 8pm/ 7pm CST, only on Azteca America.

(Source: Azteca America)