“Baby Borrowers” borrowed for cable


NBC’s “The Baby Borrowers” – a docu-series based on a British series – makes its debut June 25th. But viewers who miss each week’s episode will get a second chance. WE is re-purposing the series on cable, just one day after each airing on the Peacock net.

The Baby Borrowers follows five volunteer teenage couples, ages 18-20, as they embark on the fast track to parenthood. With cameras filming, 24-hour nanny supervision and the real parents watching via monitor next door, each nervous couple must set up a home, get a job and become caring parents – first to babies, then to toddlers, pre-teens and their pets, teenagers, and finally senior citizens all over the course of just three weeks. As this social experiment begins, rigid routines, feedings, chores, diaper duty, tantrums, potty training, adolescent attitudes and even caring for the elderly takes these teenagers through an emotional, dramatic journey of what the future might hold, testing their relationships and preconceptions of parenthood.

The Baby Borrowers is produced by Love Productions; Richard McKerrow and Tom Shelly executive produce. For WE tv, Elizabeth Dore is Vice President of Acquisitions and Promotional Strategy.