Baby FM moving into Washington cluster


SoldA construction permit for a Central Park WA FM station isn’t so much changing hands as it is adding investors. The sellers will still hold 50% and when built, the station will be part of a six-station cluster.

The CP will be in unrated territory in the southeast corner of the state not far from its border with Oregon.

Sunnylands Broadcasting LLC, headed by Gregory Smith, is selling 50% of the company. The surviving entity will be Josh Broadcasting LLC, and the 50% interest in play will go to Jodesha Broadcasting, headed by William J. Wolfenbarger.

This is basically a reorganizations of the license company. No specified amounts are changing hands.

Overlapping stations with members of the new entity:
KSWW-FM Ocean Shores WA
KJET-FM Raymond WA
KANY-FM Cosmopolis WA
KBKW-AM Aberdeen WA
KOMO-FM Oakville WA