Baby low powers cross a barrier


Even while existing low power and Class A television stations are pondering their ability to survive the DTV transition, a whole new crop is on the way. The FCC announced that applications for stations in those two classes, plus translators, that are not mutually exclusive with one another, have been accepted for filing. Click the headline for the full list.

This list shows calls, channel, city of license and applicant for CPs accepted for filing.

K42HE (42), Santa Rosa CA, Centro Cristiano Sion

KMUM-CA (31), Sacramento CA, Cabellero Acquisition

KEFM-LD (6), Sacramento CA, Venture Technologies Group

KMSX-LD (42), Sacramento CA, Randall A. Weiss

KHDT-LD (16), Denver CO, Syncom Media Group

KDEO-LP (50), Denver CO, Sande Family Trust

WGOX-LP (43), Crestview FL, Harvest Ministries Intl.

WWCG-LP (13), Columbus GA, MD Broadcasting

K67FL (47), Terrace Lakes ID, Garden Valley Translator District

K36DR-D (26), Fish Creek ID, NPG of Idaho

W22DG-D (20), Aurora IL, Polnet Communications

W52DB (17), Muskegon MI, Tribune Television Holdings

KTCJ-LP (50), Minneapolis MN, EICB-TV East

K25FG (28), Roseburg OR, WatchTV

K59EK (25), The Dallas OR, King Broadcasting Company

WSJN-CA (20), San Juan PR, Wanda Rolon