'Bachelor Pad's' Outspoken Krisily Feels "Lied to" by Dave


I had the chance to speak with Krisily Kennedy this week on a conference call, the latest rejectee of the Bachelor Pad with a passion for speaking her mind and bumping up the front part of her hair.  

For all of you who have no idea who Krisily is, you’re not alone. I didn’t watch much of Charlie O’Connell’s season where Krisily made it to the final 2.  But I did hear about what happened to this poor girl.  Besides Melissa Rycroft getting dumped for the runner-up on the After the Final Rose show, Krisily probably had the second worst experience on The Bachelor to date.  To refresh memories, Charlie could not decide between her and Sarah Brice, at the final rose ceremony. 

So what did this charming guy do?  He refused to make a decision and continued to date both of them until the show actually aired and then announced his decision on live TV at the After the Final Rose ceremony. 

His decision was that after really getting to know Krisily and learning what she truthfully was all about, he wasn’t interested.  I even recall that they brought both Krisily and Sarah’s families to the After the Final Rose, just to make that much more painful for Krisily. 

So for all you out there who can’t stand Krisily’s strong personality and think she was really annoying, at least you know that Charlie agrees with you.

From Krisily’s interview, it is pretty evident that she is over Dave Goodman.  After believing that Dave would get Kovacs and Kiptyn to vote Gwen out of the house and that she was safe, Krisily was betrayed.  She felt lied to and that “it was a bummer.”  Apparently there were conversations between Krisily and Dave before every vote similar to the one we saw them have.  She thought they had a great bond.  When asked directly if she is still interested in Dave, Krisily’s response was, “No No No.” 

She specifically lost interest in Dave after seeing him in the fantasy suite with Natalie. 

Furthermore, she does not see their relationship lasting.  Maybe there was some truth to the “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” title that Natalie received from the group.  Although when you choose a guy like Dave to date, your chances of monogamy are pretty slim.

When asked if she saw Tenley and Kiptyn lasting, Krisily said that she did, although she’s got mixed feelings about Kiptyn after seeing how he caused her to get voted out of the house. 

When asked who Krisily respects the most in the house, she instantly responded “Peyton.”  She noted that Peyton made her friendships, was not too outspoken and played the game right.  I agree with this statement.  Peyton is hands down the most likeable person in the house at this point.  Except if you’re into Disney characters, singing, and rainbows, in which case, Tenley is your girl.

As for the competition this week when the Bachelor Pad members had to answer questions about their fellow Pad housemates, Krisily was asked about the strong reactions that everyone had in the house.  Krisily commented that people “voted on personal feelings instead of actuality.”  I’m not sure what this means, but she did say that Elizabeth had been quite vocal about how unhappy she was with her boob job.   Krisily’s most interesting comment on the call was noting that Tenley was crying while she was filling out the survey, and yet won the competition – clearly she was very in tune with the perception of the house about her Pad-mates.

The most surprising part of the Bachelor Pad experience was that after her exit, Dave commented on Krisily’s closing remarks, implying they were unclassy.  Apparently after every rose ceremony, the people departing have a moment to express their feelings.  This week they chose to highlight Krisily’s remarks that the final 4 will be the power couples: Kip and Ten (can we call them “KipTen” yet?) and Elizabeth and Kovacs unless people vote them off. 

By the way, Krisily clarified that nobody was fooled by any of the couples who pretended that they weren’t actually dating, particularly Kiptyn and Tenley.  When asked if she regrets her post rose ceremony outburst, Krisily said, “NOT AT ALL.”  She wishes Dave would have come to her first regarding their decision to vote her off because at least she would have known it was coming and could have tried to speak to Kiptyn about it.   She admitted to calling it as she sees it, and always staying true to who she is.

Krisily’s vote for who should win: Peyton. 

“She’s a genuine person,” says Krisily.

I asked Krisily if she could pick any former contestant to be on the current season of the Bachelor Pad or a future Bachelor Pad, who would it be? 
“Dr. Travis Stork.”  Good choice.  I agree with that one too.  Along with Chris Lambton, obviously.

As for what’s next for Krisily, she said she “Loved the ABC Bachelor family,” and would love to do some hosting work (I’m not sure if she means for an ABC show or at a restaurant).  She said she would also love to do Dancing with the Stars (although I don’t really equate her with Florence Henderson, Bristol Palin or Jennifer Grey for some reason).  At least she can openly admit that she “loves being on TV.” 

I have no doubt that she is staying true to who she is.

By Stacey B

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