Back-to-school budget report


KidsA significant number of Americans are prepared to spend as much as $500 equipping their children for the upcoming school year – what’s significant is how many more may go that high compared to 2011.

According to PriceGrabber, 63% are prepared to go as high as $500 on back-to-school spending, compared to on 48% last year. What’s more, 28% are planning to spend between $500 and $1,000. 17% are said to be operating without a budget.

PriceGrabber is reporting how many are planning to acquire items in several specific categories:
* 50%: General school supplies  
* 79%: Clothing
* 51%: Tote bag
* 50%: Books
* 40%: Tech items

The tech category potentially carry the highest price tags, and PriceGrabber broke down results from the 40% who will be buying in that category:
* 50%: Laptop computer
* 49%: Tablet computer
* 28%: Smartphone
* 10%: Desktop computer

PriceGrabber Graham Jones said, “Shoppers are looking to purchase the basics again this year with general school supplies and clothing topping back-to-school lists, according to our survey data. PriceGrabber survey data also shows an increased consumer appetite for tech products with more back-to-school shoppers planning to purchase electronic tablets this year compared to 2011. Tablet computers are lighter in weight and more portable allowing students to carry them from class to class and providing back-to-school shoppers with an alternative to more expensive laptops.”

Online shopping will be done by 79% of respondents, up from last year’s 69% result. “We suspect that given the large of amount of back-to-school shoppers who said they will shop online, many are planning to do so in order to comparison shop, set price alerts, find coupons, and take advantage of last-minute discounts, free shipping and price drops,” added Jones. “It seems that consumers are becoming more open to exploring creative options for saving money, so it’s no surprise to us that they are flocking to the Internet to utilize its ability to save shoppers time and money.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Your mission: make sure the appropriate retailers in your service area are aware of the upcoming bounty and promote their wares early and often on your fine broadcast outlet!