Backchannelmedia signs Fisher Communications


Fisher Communications has signed a station group agreement with Backchannelmedia to deploy its opt-in Clickable TV technology, which will enable viewers to easily interact with television ads and programs, bookmarking interesting content and advertisers’ offers so they can review the information “when they want and where they want.”

Viewers who choose to participate in Clickable TV will see small, non-intrusive “bugs” at the bottom of their TV screen during “clickable moments,” which are opportunities for the viewer to click a button on their remote control to “bookmark” content to their private web portal or email address. Viewers can easily collect all of their interests from TV into one secure Web portal, which is accessible through any Web browser.

This new interactive technology works through over-the-air digital broadcast, cable, satellite and other providers, to bring together the reach of television and the Internet to create a powerful digital platform.  This new advertising and content inventory created by the clickable moment allows TV stations to sell clickable moments to advertisers on a “per click” basis, in addition to impression-based TV commercials.

Clickable TV was designed to be a superior advertising vehicle to Internet search engines.  With consumer privacy in mind, it is free from behavioral targeting, providing consumers with the control to manage their opt-in data.   Opt-in data is carefully managed and is spam and click fraud free.