Backup service moves forward with multimedia flight


Sometimes it’s hard to get people to act when things are going just fine, but Carbonite Inc. is warning consumers that having a thorough backup of important online information has to be done before something happens to wipe it out. TV, radio and other media are being used to get the word out.

The message it is delivering is that there will be no warning when information destruction comes. Carbonite is using television, print, radio and digital to illustrate “…s that computers need backing up, and that Carbonite is the solution for superior data protection.”

Carbonite said, “The campaign’s central theme is that unexpected things – such as spills, theft, or a virus – come without warning and could cause the irrevocable loss of digital data, like photos, files, music and videos saved on computers. Carbonite delivers superior data protection to keep users’ files safe, with automatic online backup at an affordable price.

“Every day, people lose cherished family photos, important documents and many other files due to an unexpected event. Carbonite was founded on the belief that devices that store your data should be backed up, and that online backup is the best way to do it,” said Tom Murray, senior vice president of marketing, Carbonite. “We want our customers to know that there is an easy, automatic and affordable way to backup files so that they can be easily recovered in the event of a loss.”