Baker Family hands off a Virginia AM


HandshakeNon-com religious group Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls is the beneficiary of the largesse of a license company under the corporate umbrella of the Baker family’s Positive Alternative Radio.

The station is WCBX-AM, licensed to Base Communications. Edward A. Baker signed off on the application.

The recipient is under the leadership of Michael Kestler.

WCBX is a Bassett VA Class D on 900 kHz with 1.1 kW-D, 180 W-N, ND. It is not in rated territory, located on the Virginia side of that state’s border with North Carolina. It’s located south of Roanoke, north of Greensboro and close to neither.

Although the transaction is strictly a gift, the parties did provide pricing guidelines. They agreed to set the station’s fair market value at $30,000.

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