Bakers buy in shadow of Washington DC


SoldThe hybrid radio portfolio of the Baker family includes commercial and noncommercial stations – in this deal, the noncom Positive Alternative Radio side is getting a CP to the southeast of Washington DC.

The CP is being sold by Patuxent River Assembly of God, headed by Lanny Clark. It will be built in California MD and will be a Class B1 on 90.3 MHz with 8.9 kW @ 200’.

Edward A. Baker, Virginia L. Baker, Vanessa Baker Pavlik and Barry N. Armstrong are each listed as 25% stakeholders in noncommercial PAR.

The sale price is $35K cash.

The anticipated contour will place the station on the peninsula formed at the point where the Potomac River flows into the Chesapeake Bay. It will not provide any effective coverage of Washington DC or its reasonably close-in suburbs.

RBR-TVBR observation: On a personal note, the station will also cover portions of the Patuxent River, as suggested by the name of the seller.

This writer has personally been dumped into that body of water, suffering an abrupt change of status from passenger, towed by a motorboat on a flotation device, to involuntary swimmer.

This event occurred due to the evil wake-hopping piloting maneuvers of my little sister, which sent the author airborne and resulted in the transfer of a bathing suit from waist level to ankle level. So if my sister ever offers to take you for a ride on the Patuxent, my advice is to just say no.



  1. Dave,

    That’s a funny story between you and your sister and the river.

    I don’t try water skiing that much and that’s one of the reasons.


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