Bakish Booked For UBS TMT Conference


Ladies and Gentlemen, the President/CEO of ViacomCBS.

That’s how Bob Bakish will likely be introduced when he participates in a Q&A session during the upcoming UBS Global TMT Conference in New York — to be held just five days after CBS ceases to exist as an independent company.

CBS’s long-awaited reunification with Viacom will take place after Wednesday’s Closing Bell on Wall Street. Then, CBS will cease to trade on NYSE.

At that time, Viacom’s Class A and Class B shares will transition, too, with trading on Nasdaq to begin Dec. 5 as ViacomCBS.

For Bakish, the Q&A comes Monday (12/9), at 12:15pm Eastern.

And, Bakish’s remarks will be the first time he presents to investors on behalf of the newly combined ViacomCBS.

With 48 hours to go in its trading life, CBS is trading just under $40 and is on the low end of a seven-year cycle, with its stock value just above where it was in December 2012.

For Viacom’s Class B shares, the ones publicly traded, the situation’s not much better, with an Oct. 22, 2019 close of $21.53 its worst performance since April 2009.