Banking and shopping are leading mobile activities


Broadcasters are hoping to pick up audience on mobile phones, but they can also be utilizing mobile by getting clients to take advantage of consumer behavior in their messaging. From Prosper Insights and Analytics, here are the main commercial uses to which consumers put their mobile devices.

75% of all mobile users admit to using them for various commercial activities.

Here is the list of what exactly they do, and how many of them do it:
* Banking: 77.1%
* Shopping: 57.9%
* Paying bills: 44.5%
* Creating shopping lists: 43.3%
* Couponing: 40.5%
* Budgeting: 15.2%
* None of the above: 9.1%
Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics™

“With the vast integration of mobile devices into all aspects of everyday life, it is increasingly important for retailers, service providers and app developers to meet the needs of consumers,” stated Prosper. “Mobile users are demanding the best functionality from the mobile web, apps and even their banks. They want to be able to check balances on the go, find ATMs and be alerted if they are about to overdraw their account. According to Think with Google, 1 in 6 of those switching banks cites a poor mobile experience as a reason to look for a new place to stash their savings.”

Women are more likely than men to use mobile for couponing and creating shopping lists, and for other reasons as well, something for advertisers to keep in mind when selection appropriate programs and formats for air flights.

RBR-TVBR observation: When an advertiser reaches a consumer with a mobile device these days, the advertiser should be thinking that it has just reached the consumer right smack at the point of sale. POS message delivery is the ideal goal of marketing, and with a properly delivered compelling message, a smart advertiser can inspire a consumer to make a purchase right then and there.

Broadcasters, your mission is clear – make your advertisers smart in this way, and lock them onto your client list for the foreseeable future.