Banta slowing encircling the Big Apple


Charlie Banta already has a pair of station in the shadow of New York City in the form of Jersey shore combo WADB-AM/WJLK-FM Asbury Park. Now another company has struck a deal to bring a Long Island AM station into the fold. The new transaction if for WLIE-AM out of Islip NY. Its east of the Big Apple in the Nassau-Suffolk Arbitron market which in turn is embedded into the New York market. Banta’s The Principle Broadcasting Network New York is buying the station from Long Island Multimedia (LIMM) for 12M. 11M of that will go to LIMM, and 1M will go to Deer Park Properties for associated real estate. LIMM stands to make 1M or 2M more depending on the disposition of station upgrades which could include a daytime power boost up to 4.3 kW. An LMA has been in place since 1/1/07. Banta’s ownership partners include Peter S. Handy, Teo C. Balbach and Sandra A. Miller.