Bar Harbor FM deal survives an informal objection


FCCThe sale of WBQI-FM from WBIN Media Company to Blueberry Broadcasting and interim LMA will be allowed to go through by the FCC over the protests of Yamster Communications president James McSorley.

The transaction, filed back in September, is valued at $100K. WBIN bought it earlier in the year as part of the Nassau Broadcasting bankruptcy sell-off.

Blueberry has four other FMs in the area, but they do not all overlap, and the cluster that would be formed, analyzed under the contour overlap method, would create two distinct markets with four co-owned FMs each.

Yamster said the deal would reduce competition and diversity, and noted that Blueberry could use towers it owns in the vicinity to the detriment of its competitors.

Unfortunately for Yamster, its objection went nowhere with the FCC. It analyzed the local cap compliance of the deal and found that Blueberry presented it accurately.

The FCC further noted that Yamster provided no documentation for its claims, and added that even if it did, the issues Yamster raised failed to provide any reason for concern, as far as the FCC was concerned.

The FCC said there was no reason for further inquiry, denied the objection and granted the transaction.