Barbasol effort uses radio, TV


Barbasol has launched “Shave Like a Man,” the company’s first new campaign since 2008, and the brand’s largest national, multi-media effort in its 94-year history. “Shave Like a Man” includes television and radio ads, as well as online engagement that celebrate the struggles, achievements and “manliness” of America’s forefathers while posing the question, “If these men came back, would they be disappointed with the state of ‘manliness’ today?”

“Barbasol is an iconic brand with deep roots in America’s heritage,” said Ken Waldron, vice president of advertising for Perio, Inc., the parent company of Barbasol. “Times have changed since men first shaved with Barbasol in 1919, and with ‘Shave Like a Man,’ we’re taking an amusing glimpse at what our forefathers might think of our so-called modern-day struggles. We’re certainly not undermining the trials and tribulations of men today, but are more having fun with the concept of the remarkable differences between the men who helped shape this country and their present-day counterparts.”

The concept for “Shave Like a Man” was developed with AOR GSD&M after market research it conducted found that 91% of men who were surveyed strongly agreed with the statement, “I respect a real man.” The agency’s research also revealed that 84% of men strongly agree with the statement, “It’s hard to be a real man today.”

“Shave Like a Man” is launching with a 30-second television spot, “War Hero,” and 30- and 15-second radio ads, “Mutiny” and “Prancing.” Additional ads will be launched throughout the year and will run for the duration of 2013. Television spots are scheduled to appear on TNT, Comedy Central, ESPN, NFL Network, Spike, Syfy and more, while the radio and digital ads will run across numerous entertainment and sports outlets nationwide. Additionally, Barbasol is unveiling a redesigned website and interactive “Shave Like a Man” feature on its Facebook page.