Bargain Basement Alabama Transaction


SoldAn FM station located in an unrated portion of Alabama is going from one non-profit to another in a deal notable for the less than awesome pile of cash associated with it.

The station is WPIL-FM Heflin AL.

The seller is Alabama Christian Radio Inc., headed by President Pat Jarrell.

The buyer is Down the Hill Communications, headed by Joel W. Barlow, Vickie Barlow, Sandra Hillyer and Kristi Peters.

If paid in US paper currency, it would be impossible to assemble a stack of bills. That’s because only one is required to meet the $1 purchase price.

WPIL-FM is a Class A on 91.7 MHz with 1.3 kW @ 85’. The station serves unrated territory to the east of Anniston.

Buyer has no other broadcast interests.