Bargain Basement All-in-the-Family Deal


SoldReinforcements are coming for an AM-FM combo located between markets in the state of Arkansas. The seller in this case is also one of the buyers.

The station is KLYR-AM Clarksville AR.

The seller is Hawkeye Communications Inc., headed by President Jerry Dietz.

The buyer is Ozark Communications Inc., headed 50-50 by Jerry and Marilyn Dietz.

It shouldn’t require an investment bank to come up with the cash for this one. The price is $100.

The station will join a cluster that includes KDYN-AM Ozark AR and KDYN-FM Coal Hill AR.

KLYR-AM is a Class D on 1360 kHz with 500 W-D, 98 W-N, ND. The station serves unrated territory to the northwest of Little Rock and east of Fort Smith.