Barix, StreamGuys wire up Premier Productions Radio Network of Minnesota


Premier Productions Radio Network, a division of Premier Productions, is using a joint Barix audio over IP hardware and StreamGuys internet distribution solution to deliver live and recorded sports programming to 35 radio stations in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.  The end-to-end IP architecture provides a reliable, scalable, high-quality audio solution that vastly reduces operational costs compared to the company’s previous reliance on satellite technology for program distribution.  

Each of the 35 stations has an Exstreamer 100 at their studios to receive and decode the signals, along with tone decoders to trigger advertisements, station identification, and to signal start and end times for each feed. 

“More radio stations are migrating to IP from satellite distribution these days because of the noticeable reduction in monthly costs,” said Matt Wallace, owner of Premier Productions Radio Network.  “On top of the monthly costs, satellite receivers at many radio stations are aging and breaking down, and it can cost upwards of 2,000 dollars to replace them.  IP technology and distribution platforms from companies like Barix and StreamGuys are becoming more popular because of these costs and reliability issues, and the trends point to this type of replacement cycle happening around the world.”