Barry Farber launches daily show


Barry Farber, joins CRN Digital Talk Radio’s weekday lineup.  His show, covering issues and news of the day and listener call-in’s, will air Monday through Friday from 5 – 6 p.m. PT on CRN 1 and CRN 6, starting September 22. 
“We are so excited and honored to welcome Barry to the CRN team,” said Mike Horn, President and CEO for CRN Digital Talk Radio.  “Barry is a trailblazer and his humor and unique perspective will really speak to the audience, especially during this election year.”

Barry Farber began broadcasting in 1960 on WINS Radio in New York City.  Since then he was named 1991’s  "Broadcaster of the Year" by his peers and listed by “Talker’s Magazine” as one of the top-ten best radio talk hosts of all time.  Larry King once called Farber "the best interviewer in America" and political writer Ken Auletta called him "the most riveting speaker in America."

When asked about the topics he would cover on his new show, Farber mentioned the election, but said the first focus would have to be on the economy.

“The economy is coming apart like an Alka Seltzer tablet under Niagra Falls,” said Farber.  “America is being wiped out by political spite.  The Democrats are invested in America’s defeat and the major media cannot contain their glee at America’s economic melt down.”