Barter firm offers alternative income


There is an option available to companies with availabilities that are going unclaimed due to tough times in the advertising community. Instead of plugging in a house ad, it is possible to trade the time to a barter agency in exchange for goods and services which are of use to your company. One such outfit is NTA, or the National Trade Association, a division of International Monetary Systems. NTA takes your valuable offerings and gives you back credit points. "If cash flow is tight, ask yourself what other assets you have to offer," suggests Jill Halper, NTA National Accounts Manager. "With a barter exchange, you can trade your products or services for nearly anything your business needs." One company barters for office supplies, computes, air fare and hotel stays, among other things.

RBR/TVBR observation: Hey, whatever works. If it’s possible to give up an unsold avail in exchange for a year’s worth of paper clips, why not? The value could be much greater than a box of clips.