Baton Rouge, Mortgage/Finance spots examined


Media Monitors took a look at radio spots last week for Mortgage and Finance companies, along with Baton Rouge, LA. According to Arbitron, Baton Rouge, LA is the 78th largest radio market with a population of 570,300. AT&T was the #1 advertiser on the radio last week with 438 spots. Coming in #2 was KIA OF BATON ROUGE with 371 spots, while BATONROUGEHELPWANTED.COM was #3 with 344 spots. VERIZON was #4 running 334 spots and TEAM TOYOTA BATON ROUGE was #5 with 324 ads. CHRYSLER – JEEP – DODGE was #6 airing 305 spots, while WALMART was #7 with 298 commercials. HOME DEPOT was #8 with 286 ads and THE ADVOVATE BATON ROUGE was #9 airing 257 spots. And TEAM HONDA was #10 with 256 spots.

In America last week, here are the stats from this sector in radio advertising. #1 was GUARANTEED CONSUMER FUNDING with 3,537 spots. Coming in #2 was U.S. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, INC. with 3,107 spots, while BLUEHIPPO was #3 with 1,743 ads. EDELMAN FINANCIAL was #4 with 1,437 and PEACHTREE SETTLEMENT FUNDING was #5 with 1,433 spots. ACE CASH EXPRESS was #6 with 1,257 ads, while RICH DAD was #7 running 1,068 spots. HELP ME TO BUY was #8 with 620 spots and DOLLAR LOAD CENTER was #9 with 594 spots. Coming in #10 was THE LAMPO GROUP with 527 spots.

On the national level, WALMART kept their top spot with 29,401 commercials. HOME DEPOT was #2 with 28,929 spots, while VERIZON was #3 with 26,682 ads. The HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was #4 running 25,478 announcements and AT&T was #5 with 24,883 spots.