BE celebrates 50 years


Broadcast Electronics (BE) is inviting broadcasters to share in the celebration of its 50-year anniversary with opportunities to qualify for a Free STX LP solid-state, low-power FM transmitter or AudioVAULT FleX studio automation software. 

Broadcasters are invited to enter BE’s Oldest Operating BE Transmitter contest to qualify for a FREE STX LP transmitter. The oldest operating BE transmitter will qualify broadcasters for a chance to win BE’s newest FM solid-state transmitter, the STX LP 1kW. BE is looking for the oldest surviving BE transmitter currently in operation, either operating in standby or as the main transmitter. Qualified candidates can review contest details and submit their applications online at through June 1. On June 18, a panel of BE judges will mark BE’s official anniversary date by selecting a winner based on transmitter age, site conditions, and application, among other qualifications.