BEA scholarships awarded


Thirteen students from twelve different campuses were awarded scholarships in the Broadcast Education Association’s 2008-2009 competition.  The winners were selected by the BEA Scholarship Committee at its Fall meeting in Washington, DC. BEA scholarships are awarded to outstanding students for study on campuses that are institutional members of the organization. The 2009-2010 competition begins on January 15, 2008.
Here are the scholarship recipients, announced by committee chair Pete Orlik:

Abe Voron Scholarships
   Adam Cavalier, Marshall University
   Meagan Hachey, New England School of Communications       

Walter Patterson Scholarships
   Laura Schnitker, University of Maryland
   Mallory Lyn Thompson, George Washington University

Harold Fellows Scholarships
   Laura Donaldson, Ball State University                 
   Caitlin Mallory, University of Montana     
   Susan Plungis, Ohio University     
   Seth Tober, Indiana University               

Vincent Wasilewski Scholarship
   Thomas Ksiazek, Northwestern University       

Alexander Tanger Scholarship
   Jill Irwin, DePauw University         

Helen Sioussat/Fay Wells Scholarships
   Alissa Griffith, Ohio University                 
   Aaron Jones, Southern Illinois University/Carbondale

BEA Two Year/Community College Scholarship
   Lisa Schleef, Parkland College/Eastern Illinois University