Beasley set to "Rock the Vote" in NC


The six station Coastal Carolina radio cluster owned and operated by Beasley Broadcasting Group Inc. claims over 365K regular listeners. With a key election facing the nation, BBGI is planning a campaign to add as many as possible to the voter roles with a "Rock the Vote" campaign that will make use of both its on-air and website assets. The group will be providing information on registration and driving them to station websites for detailed information on the issues, the candidates and the process. It will also send staffers out in the community with literature and information.

Formats at the Greenville-New Bern sixpack include Rock, Soft Rock, Classic Rock, 60s/70s, Urban and new Christian. Beasley notes that they are programmed with the proximity of numerous military bases in mind.
Meanwhile, another survey from Peanut Labs is claiming that the GenY crowd is dialed in to the elections this year. 91% say that yes, indeed, they will cast a vote. At the moment, they’re breaking Democrat over Republican 44.9% to 27.8%, with 27.3% professing their independence. And they’re breaking toward Barack Obama (D-IL). Among sell-described Democrats he edges Hillary Clinton (D-NY) 43.4% to 39.1%. Independents favor him over Clinton 34.8% to 23.8%. And among GenYs calling themselves Republicans, Obama is in second place with 17.6%, behind Mike Huckabee (R-AR), who leads all comers with a modest 23.9%. This group also put Clinton into a tie for third with Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) with 13.2%. Peanut defines GenY as the 18-29 year old demographic.

RBR/TVBR observation: As we’ve noted in the past, politicians who ignore this demographic do so at their peril, if Peanut is right and these young adults are planning to show up en masse on Election Day. Broadcasters offer prime access to this group. Those politicians left standing would do well to find out which stations know how to find these people; and those stations who count GenY as their base should be making that fact known to the campaigns.