‘Being Erica’ catch-up marathon with shocking finale



Catch-Up Marathon Leads Up to the Shocking Season Finale Airing April 7 at 10PM

Do you regret missing Season Two of the critically acclaimed original series, “Being Erica”? Well SOAPnet is giving fans a do-over with the “Being Erica” catch-up marathon, airing Sunday, April 4 from 8P-12A (EST/PST). The four episodes will lead up to the shocking season finale, airing Sunday, April 7 at 10P (EST/PST).

When we first met Erica Strange a year ago, she was single, working a dead-end job, and had little hope for the future. A “chance” meeting with the mysterious Dr. Tom altered her life when he began allowing her to travel back in time to make some changes and get a “do-over” with her past regrets. Suddenly, she relived a high school dance, went back to the moment when she lost her virginity, faced off against an intimidating college professor and even revisited her Bat Mitzvah.

In Season Two, Erica is worldlier, more accountable and more experienced in the ways of time travel and therapy. As she continues to move forward in her journey, she will come to understand that changing her life isn’t a quick fix. It involves facing an ever-expanding series of challenges. In the shocking season finale, Erica’s perfect life is turned upside down when she finally makes some big decisions: Will she and Ethan stay together or will she choose Kai? And will she take a big leap with her career? Plus, Dr. Tom adds a major twist to her therapy that opens up a world of possibilities.


8PM – Episode# BE2010-ERCA-205 – “Yes We Can” – Dr. Tom grants Erica a do-over day, where she gets to wildly relive her entire day consequence-free. No matter what she says and does during that time, no one will remember and it won’t “count.” But Erica soon realizes that all choices—even those in an alternate reality—have repercussions.

9PM – Episode# BE2010-ERCA-209 – “A River Runs Through It… It Being Egypt” — Work on the sex book is in full swing, but when Erica discovers Kai is one of the case study volunteers, she’s less than impressed. After a trip back from a theme park, Erica sees a different side of her brother, Leo, and returns ready to confront her true feelings.

10PM – Episode# BE2010-ERCA-210 – “Papa Can You Hear Me?” — When Erica asks Dr. Tom to step in and help fellow time-travelling patient Kai, Dr. Tom refuses. He allows his anger to take over, sending him on his own session back to the day he last saw his estranged daughter.

11PM – Episode# BE2010-ERCA-211 – “What Goes Up Must Come Down” — After a shocking turn of events at work, Erica travels to an alternate reality, where she is living the high life as a carefree millionaire. But she soon realizes money may not be the answer to all of her troubles. Will she wind up with everything she wants or lose everything she values?

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(source: ABC)