Belgian DJ breaks radio marathon record


A Belgian radio DJ has set a new world record for the longest ever hosting of a radio show, stretching over eight days and seven nights—184 hours.

Van de Veire, 40, challenged himself to break the record to show support for students cramming for their exams. The youth-oriented station put on live acts and ended up fielding questions on Latin verbs and science.

“It feels great, but now I can only think of one thing – sleep, sleep, sleep,” a baggy-eyed Veire said at the end of his 185-hour stretch on MNM radio station late on 6/18, Reuters reported.

MNM has asked Guinness World Records to confirm his achievement.

In the final hour, the previous record-holder, Italian Stefano Venneri, offered his congratulations live on air. Venneri lasted for 183 hours in May 2009.

The rules were strict. Van de Veire was allowed a five minute break each hour, including bathroom pitstops, but was allowed to store the minutes up. Such a pitstop was his first priority after ending the show with The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go”.

He was not allowed a co-presenter, no guest could speak for more than a minute and no track could last longer than six minutes.

The Belgian stopped drinking coffee before his marathon effort and had just one cup and two bottles of cola over the eight days – but did get some help from a daily caffeine pill.

Power naps of up to 15 minutes, fresh food and light therapy to counter lack of sun also kept him going.

Van de Veire will take the next few weeks off before his show returns from a summer break in September, by when he hopes Guinness World Records will have confirmed his record-breaking show.

See the Reuters story here