BENMARRadio launches BENMAR Complete for ad sales


BENMARadio announced the introduction of BENMAR Complete, a way for stations to use 21st century technology to deliver an edge over all other media competition and exceed budget demands.
BENMAR Complete is the brainchild of Mark Margulies, meshing interactive technology with BENMAR’s consultative and creative power. The program delivers five live PowerPoint presentations each month in conjunction with a station’s presentation to their client. Thus, the client receives a complete creative workup and personal explanation, live, so they understand how their goals will be met, using their produced spot.

Once the client is ready, BENMAR then changes screens and creates the client’s copy live, complete with client input. When finished, all that’s needed is approval and copy is ready for production.
Margulies tells RBR: “This allows radio to really take the gloves off when competing with other media—especially in medium markets. This is a way to understand and use new media in presentations. It’s an incredible resource to have at client meetings. You should see how excited they feel, to have all this attention being paid to their account.”

Exclusive market opportunities are available. For more info: 877-751-6667; [email protected] or