BIA-Kelsey sees local ad spending going up


BIA KelseyBut the increase won’t be happening for local media – it’s projected to go down just slightly more than the entire media universe gains. Meaning that the black ink is being slurped up by the digital universe.

However, despite the fact that the growth is being taken out of traditional as a mosquito takes blood out or a mammalian host, the fact remains that traditional is still where the bulk of the spending is. The margin by the end of 2014 is expected to be $106.1B traditional to $31.0B digital, with the gap closing but still wide at the end of 2015, with $104.2B going to traditional and $35.0B going to digital.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Medium 2014 (B) 2015 (B) % chng
Total local 137.0 139.3 1.6
Traditional 106.1 104.2 -1.7
Digital 31.0 35.0 13.1
Mobile 4.3 6.6 54.2
Search 7.1 7.2 1.6
Display 4.3 4.9 13.5
Online Vid 2.3 3.0 34.0
Social Media
Local 2.5 3.6 44.0
National 5.7 7.5 31.6
Total 8.2 11.2 36.8
Source:   BIA-Kelsey

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