Big announcement from BIG


Broadcast TowerThere’s a new kid on the broadcast organization block – it’s the Broadcast Industry Group, or BIG, a coalition of six equipment manufacturers which will work to promote their interests to the greater broadcast community.

Founding members include Orban, SCMS, Jampro, DaySequerra, BW Broadcast, and StreamGuys.

The parties underscored their continuing independence, stating that this is in no way a merger or any other form of consolidation. That is, other than a consolidation of the various talents each company has to offer in an attempt to stay on top of the continuing evolution of the broadcast industry.

Orban CEO and President C. Jayson Brentlinger stated, “For over a year I have been working with the largest names in the broadcast manufacturing industry to start the process of industry consolidation. Broadcasters are standing on the threshold of change both from new and emerging technologies, and in the way mobile media is viewed and delivered. The broadcast industry and media content providers must reshape our industry, while remaining profitable in the face of growing competition and meeting the demands of new media trends.”