Big Apple teachers take employment case to the airwaves


A lot of political jurisdictions may be in financial distress, but New York City is not one of them, according to the United Federation of Teachers. Why then, is Mayor Michael Bloomberg targeting teachers for layoffs? UFT is taking its message to the living rooms of residents via television and cable.

UFT says New York City is sitting on a $3B surplus, and has no need to lay off teachers.

According to UFT, the ad features Harlem resident Candace Frazer, who tells viewers, “Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t listen to parents like me.” She says that any layoffs will make class sizes soar and concludes, “Losing 5,000 teachers will make classes even more overcrowded. I don’t know what Mayor Bloomberg’s agenda is, but he should stop playing politics with our kids. And start listening to us.”

The ad began running 3/7/11 and will stay on air until 3/14/11. The buy includes both broadcast and cable outlets, It is running on a variety of morning and evening news programs and will also include programs such as “Inside City Hall,” “Conan,” “Daily Show,” “Iron Chef,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Jeopardy!,” “CNN,” “The Late Show with David Letterman,”  and “Iron Chef.”

The ad can be viewed at the UFT website here.